Valeria Iovino

Hair: Blonde Height: 170 cm | 5' 7'' Chest: 91 cm
Eyes: Hazel Size: EU 36 Waist: 69 cm
Location: London, Rome Shoes: EU 40 Hip: 89 cm
Languages: English, Italian (native), Spanish
Licenses: Car Driving License (B) [eu], Motorbike (AM) [eu]
Housing options: Ancona, London, Milan, Naples, Rome, Pescara, Procida
Work permit: EU, UK
American - Standard (basics), British - BBC English (basics), Eastern European (good), French (basics), Italian (native), Italian - Milan [North Italy] (basics), Italian - Neapolitan (good), Italian - Roman (native), Spanish (basics), Singing A capella (basics), Choir (basics), Musical (basics), Pop (basics), Stage singing (basics), Mezzo Soprano, Guitar (good), Piano (basics), Aerobics (good), Archery (basics), Badminton (good), Billards / Pool Player (good), Body Building (basics), Bowling (good), Boxing (good), Canoeing (basics), Combact - Stage (basics), Cycling (professional), Cycling - Mountain Biking (good), Football (basics), Frisbee (basics), Golf (good), Gymnastics (good), Hula Hoop (basics), Ice Skating (basics), Jump Rope (basics), Kayaker (basics), Kick Boxing (good), Martial Arts - Tai Chu (basics), Motorcycle Riding - General (good), Ping Pong (good), Racquetball (basics), Rock Climber (basics), Roller Skating (good), Rollerblading (good), Running - General (good), Running - Long Distance (basics), Running - Sprint (basics), Sculing (basics), Shooting - Revolver / Automatic (basics), Snorkeling (basics), Snow Skiing - Competition (basics), Snow Skiing - Cross Country (basics), Snow Skiing - Downhill (good), Snow Skiing - General (professional), Snowboarding (good), Squash (basics), Surfing (basics), Swimming - ability - general (professional), Swimming - backstroke (professional), Swimming - breast stroke (professional), Swimming - butterfly (professional), Swimming - diving (good), Swimming - freestyle (professional), Tennis (professional), Volleyball (basics), Water Skiing (basics), Wind Surfing (basics), Yoga (basics), Dance Ballroom (basics), Modern (basics), Dancer (basics), Clown, Comedy, Commedia Dell'Arte, Host, Improvisation, Juggler, Mime, Modeling, Street Theatre, Voice over




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