Ada Kowalewski

Hair: Blonde Height: 166 cm | 5' 5'' Chest: On request
Eyes: Green-brown Size: EU 36 | UK 10 Waist: On request
Local hire Berlin Shoes: EU 39 | UK 6 Hip: On request
1st residence: Berlin, Germany
2st residence: Poland
Languages: English (fluent), German (native), Polish (native)
Licenses: Car Driving License (B) [eu], Moped Driving License (M) [eu], Tractor Driving License (L) [eu]
Housing options: Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Munich, Danzig, London
Work permit: EU
English (good), German (native), Polish (native), Eastern European accent (native), German accent (very good), German - Berlin accent (basics), Polish accent (very good), Chanson (good), Soprano, Piano (basics), Aerobics (good), Badminton (good), Basketball (basics), Billards / Pool Player (good), Bowling (basics), Cycling (good), Frisebee (good), Gymnastics (good), Swimming - ability - general (good), Swimming - freestyle (good), Argentine Tango (basics), Rumba (basics), Salsa (basics), Tango (basics), Comedian, Improvistion, Voice over, Car Driving License (B) [eu], Moped Driving License (M) [eu], Tractor Driving License (L) [eu]



Photos © 2022 Marjola Rukaj, 2021 Gregory B Waldis

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