Brunhild Wetzler

Hair: Blonde Height: 159 cm | 5' 2'' Chest: On request
Eyes: Blue Size: EU 36 | UK 10 Waist: On request
Local hire Stockholm Shoes: EU 39 | UK 6 Hip: On request
1st residence: Stockholm, Sweden
2st residence: Bavaria, Germany
Languages: English (fluent), German (native), Norwegian (basics), Swedish (basics)
Licenses: Car Driving License (B) [eu], Hunting License, License to carry firearms
Housing options: Germany: Berlin, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Munich, Nuremberg, Passau, Regensburg, Würzburg. Sweden: Gothenburg, Stockholm. Switzerland: Basel
Work permit: EU
English (fluent), German (native), Norwegian (basics), Swedish (native), German accent (native), German - Bavarian accent (basics), German Franconian accent (basics), Musical (basics), Rock / Pop (basics), Mezzosoprano, Organ (basics), Piano (good), Inline Skating (good), Martial arts - General (good), Shooting - Archery (good), Shooting - Crossbow (professional), Weight Lifting (basics), Ballet (basics), Belly Dancing (basics), Orietal Dance (basics), Animal keeper training, EM + WM Gold in crossbow shooting, Car Driving License (B) [eu], Hunting License, License to carry firearms



Photos © 2019 Danann Breathnach (London), 2018 Rene Nordmann, Bankovski

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