Myriam Tsehay

Hair: Dark Brown Height: 157 cm | 5' 2'' Chest: 31,5'
Eyes: Brown Size: EU 34 | UK 8 || S/XS Waist: 24,5'
Local hire London Shoes: EU 36 | UK 3 Hip: 34,5'
1st residence: Greater London, United Kingdom
2st residence: -
Languages: Catalan (native), English (fluent), French (native), Italian (basics), Spanish (native)
Licenses: Car Driving License (B) [eu]
Housing options: Berlin, Cologne, Freiburg, Munich, Stuttgart, Villingen
Pronouns: she / her
Work permit: Canada, Ethiopen, EU, UK
African, African American, Black, East African, Acting, Modeling, Portrait, Fasgion, Photo shootings, Aerobics (basics), Cycling (bascis), Mountain Climbing (basics), Swimming - ability - general (basics), Swimming - backstroke (basics), Swimming - breast stroke (basics), Yoga (basics), Chef (basics), Dance Ballroom (basics), Dance Cha Cha (basics), Dance Flamenco (basics), Dance Jazz (basics), Dance Modern (basics), Dance Rumba (basics), Dancer (basics), Singer (basics), Mezzo Soprano, Voice quality: Melodius, English British (basics), Blues (basics), Jazz (basics), Pop (basics), RnB (basics), Action roles, Desperate roles, Emotional roles, Fanatic roles, Gloomy roles, Historical roles, Melodramatic roles, Romantic roles, Psycho thriller roles, Political roles, Sad roles, Scandalous roles, Strong women roels



Photos © 2018-2023 Mireia Sans, Kirill Photography, Hans Davis, Russell Geoffrey Banks, Agnieszka Trzoch, other

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